frost-free believes that wind power projects provide real opportunities for communities in the UK to achieve long-term sustainability

We can help communities develop their own wind energy enterprises

We can also help communities benefit from initiatives already proposed in their area

frost-free is pioneering the next generation of wind power. We are keen to unlock the potential for local communities to benefit from renewable energy projects.

frost-free helps communities develop their own renewable energy projects and engage with commercial projects in their area. By encouraging members of the community to access proposals such as wind farms, we pride ourselves in giving power to the people.

The significance of the income that can be generated from such ventures has the real potential to create long term, sustainable income streams that will help many communities in the current financial climate.

We are keen to highlight the potential of local wind energy initiatives to the communities in which they are planned. We have succeeded in developing a model that requires no up front funding for a community to become a stakeholder in their local renewable energy project, yet allows for a sizeable income stream. As a partner, the community or local Development Trust can reap significant rewards from a project without having to raise "at risk" funding.

We are particularly experienced in working on wind farms, however our team can assist on any renewable energy ventures in the UK and beyond. Have a look at what is going on in Fintry to see how this might work in practice for your community.